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Bakaboh Jewellery is a company that is well known and trusted throughout the united statue as a producer of exclusive high-quality diamond jewellery. we found a passion for diamond and gold jewellery and created a jewellery company renowned globally for the flawless craftsmanship and the impeccable beauty of its creations. he took his infatuation of rare gems and translated it into the magnificent and unique pieces that can only be found in Bakaboh Jewellery products today.

Bakaboh jewellery has become one of the most prestigious and celebrated diamond jewellery companies that the united statue has to offer. With reputable and knowledgeable staff, service is always guaranteed with a smile..

Our team


Employing crafts-men with over 20 years of experience in the factory allows Bakaboh Jewellery to create intricate and sturdy pieces whose quality in unrivaled. In-house designs ensure innovations and exceptional pieces that cannot be found else-where, with each stone handpicked to make sure that it complements the piece in question

With products ranging from extravagant and opulent designs using exceptional diamonds and precious stones down to effortless and stylish jewellery designed for every day wear, Bakaboh Jewellery collections are extensive and unsurpressed. As a two generation family business, family values are the pillars in the running of day-to-day operations, ensuring trust, honesty and assertion of superiority to each and every customer."When it comes to buying jewellery, customers need to feel that they trust us in helping them make the right choice